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Industry Leaders in Independent REFERRAL Agent COMMISSION and AGENT SUPPORT Programs!

Pearl Logic's Independent Referral Agent Program

Independent Referral Agents play a very important role in helping to introduce us to Business Clients wishing to increase their margins, and/or working capital, and is one of the easiest referrals you will ever make!

We provide independent, objective, Vendor neutral "subject matter expertise", to analyze and evaluate our Client's operating spend, in order to help reduce costs and optimize their use of vendor products, services and solutions across their entire organization. In exchange for Pearl Logic services, our fee is based upon a 50% split of the savings found though our processes, for the first 60 months, with 100% of all savings accruing to the Client in month 61 and beyond. In essence, our services are paid for with "found money". Money our Clients never knew they had. And the Independent Referral Agent that introduces Pearl Logic into that Client opportunity will get paid a percentage of whatever Pearl Logic is paid.

Is it Really that Simple?

Pearl Logic specializes in helping businesses reduce operating expenses while also identifying opportunities to optimize their use of vendor products, services and solutions across their entire organization, and 98% of our Clients typical savings have ranged from 10% - 30%+, of monthly operating expenses.

Sounds Great! What's next?

Apply today to become a Pearl Logic Independent Referral Agent and join the growing ranks of those already experiencing the financial benefit of offering one of the business community's most unique and beneficial services. You will receive online training, and can begin to refer Pearl Logic services with the assistance of one of our experienced Client Consultants, who will work with you and guide you towards your goals.

About Pearl Logic

Pearl Logic is a highly experienced Expense Mitigation team of Data Collection Specialists, Market Researchers, Billing Experts, Financial Analysts, Data Auditors, Vendor Contract Specialists, Negotiators, Engineers, Implementation Experts and Project Managers; and we basically function as a temporary department (typically as somewhat of an extension of the Finance Department), and most certainly on the same team as any other Department within our Client’s organization; with the sole objective of assisting our Clients find ways to reduce operating expenses and improve margins / operating capital.

We work with Clients to examine their current operating expenses from across their entire business operations; benchmark those expenses against the market and explore ways to reduce those costs in order to eliminate any incorrect vendor billing and any inefficient spending; recover any possible refunds and/or credits; identify possible areas and potential solutions to reduce costs or improve efficiencies; and we also attempt to secure discounts and reduced pricing to maximize Client operating capital.

We provide our Clients with the benefit of our combined experience in operating expense auditing, financial analysis, engineering and implementation, without compromising service quality or reliability.

Our Cost Reduction services are focused towards a broad spectrum of operating related products and services costs (virtually all of those vendor products, services and solutions used by businesses where they incur a “recurring operating expense” (either weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually), in every department, across the entire business organization. Excluding donations, employee salaries, certain corporate taxes, one-time and capital expenditures and certain unique “industry specific” cost of goods sold (COGS)), and provides recommendations and implementation services based upon cost savings and optimization of all services and improved performance.

Finally, Pearl Logic is there to manage the implementation for the chosen recommendations and document the cost savings and performance improvement results. All aspects of our Cost Reduction services are provided with no upfront cost to the Client.

Our fees are derived by sharing the savings produced by the Pearl Logic Cost Reduction services.