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Target Clients

Pearl Logic's ideal Clients are...

While CFOs (or Finance VPs) are typically the primary business decision makers who are responsible for controlling company costs and improving margins and/or operating capital, and are generally therefore the most interested in how Pearl Logic services can assist them; CEOs, COOs, Chief Accounting Officers, Presidents, Chief Administrative Officers, Planning and Budgeting Officers, Controllers, Executive Directors, General Managers, Managing Directors and Treasurers are also great decision making representatives for potential new Client opportunities, as well as virtually any other decision maker within an organization tasked with managing spend and budget.

Any Business (for-profit or not-for-profit), with more that (50) employees, are absolutely great Client candidates for Pearl Logic (see Pearl Logic Brochure for examples).

Note: Pearl Logic provides services across the United States - and any company in any industry and market segment with more that (50) employees, can benefit.



Past results have shown that 98% of Pearl Logic's Cost Reduction services Clients have realized a 10% - 30+% reduction in vendor product, service and solution operating expenses, while at the same time experiencing a significantly higher level of vendor customer service and support.


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How we help our clients...

Pearl Logic Consultants have decades of experience across the entire spectrum of vendor product, service and solution operating expenses. As former data collection specialists, market researchers, billing experts, financial analysts, data auditors, vendor contract specialists, negotiators, engineers, implementation experts and project managers, Pearl Logic consultants are independent and objective experts who support and augment our Client's staff - so that they can stay focused on their core business functions.


  • We reduce the COSTS associated with our Client's Operating activities

    Our Cost Reduction services reduce our Client's operating expenses allowing them to meet their metrics and stay focused on their core business objectives.

  • We help keep our Clients FOCUSED on their business objectives

    A Cost Reduction project with Pearl Logic allows us to augment our Client's staff by doing the detail work that they typically don't have the time, resources, processes, tools or project expertise for, thereby allowing them to stay focused on their core business strategy.

  • We improve the PERFORMANCE of our Client's Business Operations

    Pearl Logic can help reduce operating expenses and enhance those vendor products, services and solutions required to enable our Clients to deliver faster and better products and services to their end user Customers by getting the most from their operating environment.

  • Our Client's benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE

    Pearl Logic has extensive experience with all size firms and in a wide variety of industries and market segments; and we have audited, analyzed, managed, designed and implemented a significant number of adjustments, changes and product, service and solution enhancements and improvements.

  • Our Client's gain a sense of security through our OBJECTIVITY

    We are totally objective and vendor neutral. Pearl Logic has no relationships with any vendors; nor do we receive any compensation from any vendor. We function as an extension of our Client's staff (typically as somewhat of an extension of the Finance Department), in assessing all of our Client's current and future project needs, so our Client's can be confident they are getting the best advice to help them make the right decisions.

  • Pearl Logic's model is a 100% RISK FREE proposition to our Client's

    Our compensation is based upon a minority share of the savings that we identify for our Clients. These savings are realized with our implementation of cost-reducing solutions for our Clients. As such, our Cost Reduction project is paid for with a small share of the "Found Money". If there are no savings found, our Clients do not pay a single penny.